Ineligible Patients

Health services are required to set fees for patients who are not covered by Medicare, including overseas patients.  In line with Department of Treasury and Finance advice, fees for ineligible patients are set to achieve full cost recovery.  Some overseas patients are entitled to financial assistance (e.g. because of Reciprocal health Care Arrangements).

For more information on this please see;

Patient classification Estimated average costs
Accommodation charges – fee per day  
Same day – single room $406.00
Same day – shared room $422.00
Overnight – single room $828.00
Overnight – shared room $741.00

Televisions are available in all wards free of charge (Donated by Murray to Moyne Bike Event).


Surveillance devices; Collection, recording, and destruction process associated with surveillance are used by Cohuna District Hospital.


Newspapers need to be organised though the local newsagent.

Privately insured and DVA patients will receive a complimentary copy of the Herald Sun newspaper Monday to Friday only.

Hospital Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and equipment are provided for patient comfort. Please exercise care in using these items as they are expensive to replace and others will need to use them.


A personal visit by a representative of your religion may be obtained on request to the Nurse Unit Manager.


Please arrange your own transport home when discharged from hospital.  An adult relative must accompany children on discharge from hospital.  Following day surgery you may not be permitted to drive within 24 hours due to the effects of medication.