Quality & Risk

Patient safety is pivotal to all care provided by CDH; supported by our organisation’s safety and quality systems that include:

  • Development and review of frameworks, policies, procedures and protocol relevant to quality, risk and consumer engagement
  • Monitoring, evaluating, reporting clinical performance data
  • Auditing enables identification of areas for improvement and provides valuable benchmarking opportunities with like sized organisations to gauge our performance
  • Healthcare incident management and reporting
  • CDH encourages staff to report all incidents whether near misses – events that cause no harm or more serious adverse events. All incidents are reviewed and actions are allocated to address each and every reported event
  • Oversight of corporate and clinical risk
  • Through identifying our risks, CDH is able to implement actions to minimise residual risk to service consumers


CDH is accredited to provide services with both the Hospital and Aged Care sectors undergoing regular rigorous assessments.


By effectively partnering with consumers, whether patients, aged care consumers, community services users, families, carers or community members. Partnering affords opportunities for engagement, offering suggestions on how we can improve our services and care and enables consumers to assist with planning, delivery, measurement and evaluation of the care provided.

To ensure success in partnerships it is vital that information is provided in a way that is tailored to consumers. This is called Health Literacy.   Health Literacy means the use of plain language in information provision to facilitate consumer understanding, consideration of culture and diversity such as linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

CDH Partnering with Consumers Committee is just one way to “be part” of CDH. Members review information we develop for our consumers. New members are welcome so please enquire if you would like to join the committee.

Consumer feedback is very welcome. We encourage consumers to complete CDH surveys and the Victorian Health Experience Survey (VHES) which is a Department of Health and Human Services survey sent out to patients following discharge from Hospital. Whether your feedback is good or not so good, CDH appreciates your comment and works actively to improve where needed. A further opportunity to comment is provided with the Quality Account; an annual CDH publication which provides consumers with lots of information including safety data.

SAFE, QUALITY CARE – Every Person, Every Time

For more information regarding the Standards please click here   National Standards Second Edition Organisation-Wide Assessment Final Report